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Our Vision

A few words from the founder of Ohana Maitreya and Karma Leela…

A few years ago while travelling in Tibet, I came to a sacred place where, as an honored guest, I was invited to light an eternal flame. A simple enough task, one would think. But the flame kept going out! Luckily, a Buddhist monk saved the day by adjusting the wick in the huge butter – lamp, until the fire burned strong and bright.

The flame of Tibetan Buddhism is nurtured and protected by the monastic tradition. However, in Tibet itself this tradition is in mortal danger under the repressive communist Chinese regime.


Vajrayana Buddhism survives in the Tibetan exile community, but it is in desperate need of our help. Ohana Maitreya was launched in November 2008. Our mission is the construction and equipment of Tibetan Buddhist nunneries in India, so that nuns may have all the opportunities and facilities available to monks. It is a comprehensive campaign to assist the nuns in transitioning to the 21st century while maintaining the teachings, rituals, and sacred art and music of Tibetan Buddhism in its highest, undiluted form.

monks-readingKarma Leela Cards & Prints is about the “fun-raising” aspect of fund-raising. It is about beauty and joy and sharing. The sacred art of Tibetan Buddhism contains archetypal images that transcend culture, religion, and time. Gazing upon the loving face of the goddess Tara can light the flame of bodhicitta in our own hearts. The words of wisdom contained in the Buddhist scriptures can guide us to our highest good.

It is our deep and sincere aspiration that the images offered here will touch something in you, your compassion, your spirit, and sometimes your funny-bone! On behalf of all the thangka-painters, statue-makers, contemporary
artists and photographers, and the nuns themselves, I thank you for visiting our web-site. We invite you to help us to preserve and perpetuate the art, culture, and essence of Tibetan Buddhism.

Peace on Earth ~ Om Shanti
Algienne Amrita
Founder, Ohana Maitreya & Karma Leela 

Download and read Karma Leela Operating Agreement.

A little about Ohana Maitreya

Ohana Maitreya is a capital campaign for the construction, equipment, and maintenance of housing and educational facilities for Tibetan Buddhist nuns living in India.

Ohana Maitreya
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Donate today to support Tibetan Buddhist Nuns to Ohana Maitreya, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Gifts at all levels of support are needed. Please give generously for the benefit of all beings.